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6 oz water

2 rounded tsp instant espresso powder

50mL Kahlua/Rum 

6 large egg yolks

1 cup white sugar

2 Tbsp milk

1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream

1 tsp vanilla extract

8 oz mascarpone cheese  

3.5oz boxes Lady Finger cookies

unsweetened cocoa powder


In a small bowl, bring water to a boil and add in espresso powder. Whisk until dissolved and add in Kahlua. Set aside to cool.

In a double boiler or bain marie, combine egg yolks, sugar and milk. While whisking constantly, cook for 8-10 minutes to cook the egg yolks. Mixture should be smooth but not all sugar will dissolve. This is okay. Set aside and let cool.

Once cool, transfer to a large bowl and add in room temperature mascarpone cheese. Mix well until smooth. In a stand mixer or large bowl with a hand mixer, combine heavy cream and vanilla and mix on medium-high speed until a stiff whipped cream is made. Be careful as to not mix too long or you'll get butter.

Add to cooled egg and mascarpone mixture and fold gently to incorporate.

To assemble the tiramisu, dunk lady fingers into espresso mixture for 2-3 seconds and line the bottom of a 9"x9" baking dish with them. Spread half of mascarpone mixture on top, repeat another layer of soaked lady fingers and then spread remainder of mascarpone mixture on top. ​

Cover and refrigerate for AT LEAST 8 hours! It's best to let sit 24-48 hours. To serve, slice and plate and dust the top with unsweetened cocoa powder.

Makes 9 servings. Enjoy!!

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