Don't be afraid of other beatboxers.

Take the mic.


  -Quoted by one of the legendary beatboxers of all time -


Beatboxing is an indispensable part of me that began in the year 2015, when I had a chance to meet some wonderful human beings, who today are my close buddies. Having just completed my ICSE and entered college I met this guy who was well known for what he does - Making a huge crowd go wild. He was one of the best beatboxers in our college. I was left awestruck listening to him during few of the battles he took part at our annual cultural fest. It was then that I asked myself, "Hey Eric, what have you been doing for so many years? Just studying??? Why don't you give this a shot!”


The same night I remember locking up my room door after my entire family was asleep. It was past midnight and I was busy scrolling through Howcast to learn how to beatbox. The first thing that I came across was:

Boots & Cats & Boots & Cats &...-The very ABC of Beat boxing.

And it was from that moment on that I entered the whole new world of Beat-boxing, Techno, EDM. Frankly speaking it was here that I developed a passion for Music.


For 2 years, my spare time was dedicated just for this. I still remember after college, I used to keep trying out new beats and making new sounds with my voicebox while walking down Brigade road to catch the Metro back home. And Shower time was always beatboxing time and it still is!!!


'There is no right way to make a sound' --Anonymous

It really doesn't matter how it sounds or how you think it sounds. But as far as you get a jaw drop from someone who's listening to you, be rest assured that you’re moving on the right path.


My first stage performance as a beat boxer was for my Fresher’s day in Med School. It will always be a moment that remains etched in my memory. 3 years hence, I've been cultivating this hobby by actively participating in a couple of Battles & doing some Fillers. I've also collaborated with amazing singers for Acapella groups as well as with one of the best female rappers I've come across.


Performing on stage in front of an audience (irrespective of its size) gives me a whole new high. The entire experience is fun-filled and leaves me waiting for more. Trust me, I still get goose bumps when the crowd gives me so much love every time I go on stage.


In my opinion, A Powerful Kick, Snare and High-hat with a touch of crispness and clarity is all that one needs to be a good beatboxer.


I may not have won a Battle in this Arena yet but I’m confident that I‘ve found a sense of Fearlessness – The Fearlessness when one finds a pursuit that sets one’s soul on fire.


Practice, Keep Practicing…Yet,

Always remember to Love what you do and Be confident in your skin.

For at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and finding yourself!

Folks that’s all you need to drop those beats…


Cheers and until next time..

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