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The Cursed Treasure 

So I finally  finished the book ,had to read it in parts because of classes and assignments and I LOVED it , I mean after soo long i got to read a non-academic ,enjoyable intricate tale (the names of the characters and specificity in their description feels like the author knows the characters (though he says he doesn't) ,might be his ancestors even?😅🤔) but yes He's described the scenes soooo well ,such extraordinary attention to detail throughout the book. Though the main story is set in early 1900s, He's made many analogies with the present day, with respect to Dev and Keshu's like-mindedness in business and venturing into a new forte, the Spanish flu pandemic very reminiscent to present day covid, etc      (I want you to read the full book so I'm not diving into the major details) I can say it really instills that thought, that- You can always have numerous plans but everything can go south in just a few hours (a train ride with a contagious person, ending up in the wrong spot in a market brawl, blindly agreeing to someones words on basis of trust like Abu did!);
At the same time it's important to choose your risks, is another insightful  theme I felt the book portrayed so wisely with Keshu's character!It was mind-boggling and heart-wrenching towards the end but this novice author managed to bring it to a lovely, feel-good conclusion that paid ode to the main characters and the importance of the values, lessons and  stories our ancestors knowingly or unknowingly leave behind, sometimes monetarily too (shout out to the cursed treasure😉😁) With simple crisp  plot lines, it really was a spectacular page turner, and the author shows hues of Ruskin Bond and Tagore in his novel and I wished the book had more pages! 
I won't be surprised to see the next gen write book reports on this book, there's so much you can deduce from each character and scene which says a lot about how well-written it is!! 🤩

                                                                     -Shreya Seira Honarius

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