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Chocolate ganache 


Chocolate (Dark,Milk or White)  - 500 grams

Whipping cream - 250 grams


Making chocolate ganache is very easy and is super delicious. You can even add different colours if you use white chocolate to make the ganache.

So to start take the whipping cream in a sauce pan and on medium flame keep it to simmer (do not boil) while stirring constantly. Then once it starts simmering and it into the chocolate and keep stirring until the chocolate melts.

Leave it to cool. Once at room temperature you can use it to glaze the cake or you can whip it with an electric beater till still peaks are formed and use it to for pipping.

In the picture I have used white chocolate ganache with blue food colouring and whipped till still peaks are formed. Then I transferred it into a pipping bag and  made the designs. 

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