The Positivities 

The COVID-19 Pandemic: As declared by the WHO on the 11th of March 2020

On the 24th of March at around 8:07 pm, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the lockdown of the Indian State.1.3 billion people were urged to remain indoors as a precautionary measure to control the spread of this ‘invisible yet life-crippling enemy’. A subsequent decision to extend the lockdown was announced on the 14th of April. While the lockdown has affected the daily routine of individuals and left many a migrant workers stranded, it was the only sensible thing to do in a crisis of this magnitude. The essential services continue to function just as our PM had promised. There has even been a gradual lifting of the lockdown in regions where the cases have been steadily limited.

At this moment, no one can provide an absolute answer as to when life will return to normal. A question even arises as to whether we may have to adjust to “a new normal”. While the circumstances remain grim, it’s important to focus on the positives that have emerged at this time.

Taking the environment as an example:
1)    The vital ozone layer of the earth has finally begun healing
2)    Air Pollution levels have plummeted
3)    Venice’s canals have cleared up
4)    Dolphins swimming and playing near the Mumbai sea shore and pink flamingos flocking to Navi Mumbai.


While we are enjoying both the ‘quality and quantity’ time that we’re spending with our loved ones, we should probably pick up a new skill or two or even hone a talent that we’ve been fortunate to receive. With so many of us staying indoors during this Lockdown period it’s essential for us to grow as human beings. 
Take Literary maestro, William Shakespeare for instance, he wrote some of his best work during the time when London was locked down due to a plague epidemic. A wise man once said, ”If you do not learn something new during this period, you never lacked time but you did lack enthusiasm.” Listed below are a few ways in which one can do something unique:

1)    Take an online course in a subject that fascinates you. There some great choices available for free or at discounted rates on online platforms like coursera, udemy, etc
2)    Sign up for some pearls of wisdom through globally celebrated author, Robin Sharma’s World Changers Manifesto and the Everyday Hero Training Series that his team is offering free of cost during this time.
3)    Pick up old (or even a new one) recipe books and try making dishes for which you have most of the ingredients for.
4)    Try taking a peak into the Louvre, the Vatican Museum, the Rijksmuseum and a large  number of art galleries and  other museums across the globe, who have digitized their collection to offer free virtual tours. Visit their official site to know more.
5)    Attempt Amigurumi – It’s a Japanese art of crocheting small creatures or characters. if this interests you.

Lastly, remember to nourish your soul during this time for at the end of the day it’s your soul that’s your essence and vibe. To help you remain sane and in your best form, I suggest doing the following activities. 

Attempt at least 3 everyday.
1)    Find calm and get your Zen through some Mindfulness Meditation techniques.
2)    Read autobiographies of some renowned individuals like Benjamin Franklin, Nelson Mandela and so on.
3)    Have fun with exercise through free resources like and youtube
4)    Declutter wardrobes and drawers, try adopting minimalism
5)    Call friends/family members whom you haven’t spoken to in a while
6)    Have a karaoke night with friends from your homes itself. Apps like AirConsole let you turn your smartphone into a mic. Sing your favourite hits with the usual gang and practice new songs to sing at the bar once the Lockdown is lifted.
7)    Start journaling, it’s therapeutic, trust me.


As I sign off, here’s wishing all the very best. Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Blessed.

P.S: The Earth’s been closed for renovations, there’s a grand re-opening soon😊

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