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My Keto Experience 

It was difficult but the results were amazing and that made me keep going.

Then it started getting much easier!

My Keto Experience 

So I started thinking about hardcore editing when I realised I was binge eating and just gaining weight. Even my personal trainer started suggesting me to diet. Thing was I had my exams round the corner and I was stress eating. 
So I sat down and started looking through various diets on the internet I saw many types of diets there. With a few recommendations I decided to go with either keto or intermittent. Since starving for 16 hours is not my strong suit I finalised on keto diet.

First thing first I got rid of all my junk food and sweets from home and stocked up my fridge with meat fish veggies cheese  n butter. I even had to give up fruits too.

First day was not bad I had eggs and sausage for breakfast, steak for lunch, coffee with a dash of butter and a slice of avocado in the evening and leftover steak from lunch and boiled veggie for dinner. Not bad! I felt I could do anything the second day also went by pretty easy but on the third day my cravings kicked in big time! Were ever I looked I saw sweets and carbs. It was not easy and following that I got keto flu which I did not know about. Then I read more about it and realised my salt n water intake was very low.

Tip: Once I started adding more salt to my food and drank a lot of water that went off.


Tip:As for my sweet tooth I found out about fat bombs. It was peanut butter chocolates (obviously 90% dark chocolate) balls. I made 20 of them and had one a day or two if I had really bad cravings. And I could still be in keto. 
By the fifth day I had more control over my cravings. 

Tip: Instead of eating full portions for each meal I divided my 3 meals 6 times a day which really helped me curb my snacking issue

Tip: When you cheat think what you are really craving for and find something similar with lower carbs n sugar. Then eat it pre workout of before some physical activity so the carbs you had will have minimal effect on your ketosis.


By the end of second week I started getting tired of eating the same food everyday. But then I found out about many alternatives.

Keto friendly noodles, brownies and a powder of mixed nuts (mainly almonds) and so on. The taste of these aren’t as good as the real food but these were my best options. And when in keto diet you wouldn’t mind about having the real taste anything similar will do the trick. I made pizza, bread, etc by using the nut powder mix and cheese that was really good 

So I kept finding out new recipe and new methods to keep my cravings and hunger in check. I went to the gym daily alternating each day with cardio and weights. I also used to drink Onn whey protein after each weight days. That helped me gain muscles and prevent it from degenerating. 

In short Keto is difficult but not impossible. A little will power, workout and there I assure you that if u follow the Keto Diet properly you will reduced 10 kgs over a month or two. And don’t forget weight lifting as those help in muscle mass retention.

So read about ever type of diet and choose which one you can do with ease. If you can’t  figure out try one or two diets before finalising which diet your body is more comfortable with.


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