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4 buns

2 small onions

2tbsp mayonnaise 

2tbsp mustard paste

2tbsp ketchup

500 gm ground beef

Mozzarella cheese

pickle of choice, here i have used pickled cucumber

4tbsp vegetable oil



1/2 lemon squeezed

garlic powder

onion powder

2-4 eggs

1 tomato


Caramelise the onions in a pan with 2tbsp vegetable oil and salt to taste, keep aside.

Take ground beef and add in salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, half a lemon squeezed and one egg. Mix well till all the ingredients are incorporated. Now make medium sized ball with the beef and place then in the pan used to caramelise the onion with 2tbsp oil. Once the beef is nice and brown in the bottom turn them. After 2-3 minutes smash them and let it continue to cook till well-done.

For the sauce, add mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard paste, salt, pepper, and the pickle cut into fine pieces and mix well.

Now for assembling the burger, cut the bun into 2 part and spread the sauce over both side. Place the beef patty and add a generous amount of cheese. Place a slice of tomato and a fried egg and cover with the other bun. Insert a toothpick.

Now place the burger in the same pan used perviously on high flame add a little water to create steam and quickly close the lid of the pan. wait for 30 seconds minimum.

Serve them hot. Enjoy!!

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