Model : Joan

Designed by : Imman

Inspired by the famous Gorgon from the Greek mythology -MEDUSA, comes our first dress in this line.

The elegance of the dark olive green goes with the skin tone of the model.

The up and down cut of the gown with the umbrella cut gives a smooth  flow to the dress.

One-sided off-shoulder cut of the neck adds to the elegance of the dress and the long sleeve on the right hand flows with each move of the model giving the dress a graceful touch.

The golden lining in the centre and the neck give a touch of royalty to the dress and the net on either side gives a sultry aspect.

Coming to the accessories there are only two pieces -

1) the main head piece

2) the snake on the shoulder

These 2 pieces give a direct link to the inspirational character Medusa.

The head piece has a crown so it adds a little authority and a whole aesthetic to the piece. The snake on the shoulder is made to match with the colour of the dress and it is given red eyes so it stands out.


Model : Ashrith

Designed by : Swetha, Benita

From our all time favourite character The Joker comes our next dress in line.Suited up, all in formals the dress radiates power! The purple tux shows off the broad shoulder and the stitching  of the shoulder gives it more life. The olive green shirt under the tux helps give more prominence  to the tux itself. the blue chinos goes with the aesthetic of the whole dress.

The only accessories are a belt, watch and shoes.

The painting of the face and the back piece is for a direct link to The Joker.  All this together holds up whole dress giving it an inviting look!

In this dress there is a surprise factor hidden under the shirt. Yes its a painting of the Joker which is revealed  once the model flips the shirt. This gives a wow factor to the dress and makes it more  attractive. (See the GIF)


Model : Raksha

Designed by : Anne, Imman

The ever-stylish Mistress Of Evil - Maleficent inspired us on our next dress. Given a whole black look her dress shouts power, fear, mystery, strength, authority, elegance, formality, death, evil, and aggression, rebellion, and sophistication. The wide neck cut shows of the model's collar bone and gives it a slinky look. The black cape is lined by silver sequence that shines giving the dress a whole new aesthetic, especially the image of a dragon! 

The element of surprise here is the majestic wings that open up mid runway. The elegance and power shown through the wings tie up the entire look of the outfit.

The head piece - her horns is the direct link to the character.

Along with the smoke and green lighting on the stage the outfit is a mystical one!


Model : Anthony

Designed by : Shifal, Anvia

Next in line is the outfit inspired by Ghost Rider himself. A street wear approach is incorporated into the design of this outfit. Black leather jacket, black denim jeans and the chains around the waist gives the outfit a total swag. Accessorised with chains, a skull in hand and red lights on chains ties the whole dress together.

Moreover the leather with gloves gives the outfit a  biker dude look. This is the main street wear aspect.

The face painting of the skull is the direct link to the character.


Model : Suchetha

Designed by : Amrita, Stacy

From The Queen Of Hearts our next dress in line comes. The playful colours Red, Black and White on this dress is a treat for our eyes. The off shoulder blouse piece and rough cut of the net on the frock gives an elegant yet rustic look. The specks of light underneath the net gives a magical touch. 

This dress is more of a princess type of gown.

Accessorised with a wand, crown and hearts it gives a connection to the character herself. The mismatched heels ties up the whole outfit together . 

The puffy gown with the fairy lights gives a special elegant touch to the model while walking on the runway. The golden strips on the blouse gives a gleaming aesthetic to the whole outfit.


Model : Amith

Designed by : Sriraksha, Lakshmi

From the Bollywood film - Padmavati comes the next villain inspired outfit of Allauddin Khilji. The traditional robe of kings with a fur cape shows royalty of the outfit.

Accessorised with pearl necklace and belts it increases the monarchical touch.

The turban on the head brings in the Indian effect of the whole outfit. 

Since he was known to be madly in love with Padmavati his cape holds her picture which is seen on the reveal of his cape along with a picture of himself showing off his pride.


Model : Michelle

Designed by : Amrita

From the Indian Film Industry comes the next dress in line from the famous Gabbar Singh! Inspired by this look we created a female approach to the outfit!

With the military camouflage colour material a ferocious outfit is crafted.

The camouflage colour on the skirt and the olive green jacket gives the model a rebellious look. 

Adding to the ferocious look another twist to the outfit is revealed on the runway. The model removes the skirt to show off her seductive shorts!

Accessorised with a gun and bullets across the outfit gives a badass look to the dress as such.


Model : Jeevith

Designed by : Amrita

From the Indian Fictional History comes a great villain Raavan who inspired our next outfit. With a formal tux all suited up along with harem pants shows off the physique of the model

Accessorised with the ten faces it links the outfit directly to the character.


Model : Sridevi

Designed by : Amrita

From Disney's 101 Dalmatian comes the queen of fashion designing Cruella de Vil inspired  our next outfit. With the shiny velvet blouse along with the net and beaded sequence near the neck it give an astonishing look to the outfit.

The fur cape gives a classy and elegant look to the outfit. The skirt is long and shiny which stands out in the runway.

The surprise factor in this outfit is revealed when the model shows off her spotted insides of the skirt. This is in reference to the Dalmatians skin she wanted to make her a fur coat in the film. The long flowing, spotted skirt moves gracefully along with each move of the model.

The speck of red on the gloves, head piece and leg gives an aesthetic effect to the whole outfit.


Model : George

Designed by : Shifal, Anvia

From the ruler of the underworld - Hades inspired us with the next outfit in line.

With the black robe which is said ti be made from tormented souls along with the golden border gives a petrifying look to the outfit.

Accessorised with a staff, tattoos over the body and the chain the whole look is tied together.


Model : Ronita

Designed by : Shifal, Anvia

From the Conjuring universe comes our next dress inspiration from a creepy, scary doll - Anabelle.

Starting as an innocent little girl, with black dress and pony tailed hair the runway walk begins.

The up and down cut of the gown with the smocked pattern stitch give a uniqueness to the outfit. It also gives a smooth flow to the dress along with each movement of the model.

The red bow on the waist and the pony tails gives a vibrance to the dress.

During the walk the model reveals the  white gown underneath, showing the transformation from an innocent girl to a possessed girl.


Model : Harsha

Designed by : Sweedyl

From the famous TV Series Game Of Thrones come an outfit inspired by the all powerful Night King.

This costume is more of a cosplay than an outfit.


Model : Ashik, Swathi

Designed by : Imman, Joan, Sweedyl

From the Marvel Universe comes our next inspiration - Thanos and The Infinity Stones. Thanos outfit is mainly cosplay. Whereas the infinity stones is represented by the model. 

A black short skirt and a blouse with different coloured gem stones placed refers to the infinity stones.

The cape that seamlessly flows behind the model are hand painted depicting each infinity stone. The cape is attached in a way that it moves smoothly along with the model for more comfort.

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